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Human Nature....What Is It


with Paul Doherty

Calendar Oct 5, 2022 at 1 pm, runs for 6 weeks


Our combination lecture and discussion course will present two widely accepted answers to this question. One arises from science, the other from religion. They do differ, and we will explore the differences. But knowing that both answers will remain with us for the long haul, we will also explore how they might, should, and actually do cohabit, both in society and in our all-too-human individual minds and lives.

This class will be presented on ZOOM.


Steven Piker is an anthropologist who has done fieldwork in Thailand and the U.S., taught for 44 years at Swarthmore College, and has been teaching at three Maine senior colleges for a number of years. This will be his South Coast Senior College debut.

Paul Doherty is an armchair theologian with experience in music, broadcasting, and ministry. He has also been teaching for several years at two Maine senior colleges, including South Coast.

This will be a six session course which will be offered on Wednesday afternoons… 1:00-3:00… from October 5 th through November 9 th .

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The Kurds


with Louis Salome

Calendar Oct 6, 2022 at 12 pm, runs for 3 weeks

No one knows, within a million or five, the number of Kurds in the world. But this we do know. Most of the 30 to 35 million Kurds live in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria, with small numbers in nearby Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. Kurds call their living space Kurdistan, the land of the Kurds, the largely mountainous area that four other countries call their own. Knowledge has wiped out trick questions about the Kurds. What are the four largest ethnic groups in the Middle East? Arabs, Turks, Iranians and .... Kurds. What's the largest ethnic group in the world without its own state? The Kurds. Who drove the Crusaders from Jerusalem almost a thousand years ago? Salaadin, a Syrian Kurd. Kurds are alike in many ways, yet dissimilar because they are so tribal. They have fought among themselves for centuries and fought other tribes all around them. They have betrayed themselves and often been betrayed by others, including these United States. For the first time in their fractious history they have now, in Northern Iraq, their best chance at prolonged self-government. Join with Mr. Lou as he fills in the historical gaps with his personal experiences among the Kurds. He has watched Iraqi Kurds battle Saddam Hussein and fled with them from Iraq to Turkey; camped with Turkish Kurds training in a camp in Lebanon to fight for more freedom in Turkey, and traveled through destroyed Kurdish towns in Turkey on his way to see Iraqi Kurds beaten down in Iraq.

Your Instructor:  Lou Salome

Welcome back Lou!! Lou is the author of "Violence, Veils and Bloodlines: Reporting from War zones in Europe, Asia and Africa" . He earned a BS from the College of the Holy Cross and a MA from Boston College. He is a retired COX Newspapers reporter who has covered the conflicts in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

 This class will be held in the Hannaford Auditorium of the Pratt Building at York Community College in Wells, ME.

Thursdays, Oct 6, Oct13, Oct 20 from 12noon to 2 PM

Will run

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